how do upright pianos stay upright!
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The upright pianos and baby grand pianos are common and loveable among people. The weight of the piano ranges from 300 to 900 pounds. In order to move the piano make it sure that it does not damage the other things i.e. the floor, the walls, the furniture and the floor. The upright pianos can stay upright if lifting is done properly and in the same direction. If the lifting is not accurate then the piano will change its angle and it will not stay upright. By following the basic safety guidelines and the helping hand of helpers one will be able to place the piano in the appropriate position. Before moving the piano there are few things which should be kept in mind. These are as follows:

· Assemble your team

· Cover the keyboard of the piano

· Get yourself ready in order to make the move

· Before moving the piano decides fully the position and the appropriate angle of placing the piano with your team.

· Make a strong grip.

The safety guidelines will help in placing the instrument at their proper position. The size of the piano is large so if the proper steps are not taken then it is difficult for a team to handle or manage it.

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